Re: [SystemSafety] FMEA draft international standard

From: Barrie Reynolds < >
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20:16:39 +0100


PBL said
>But getting such a process underway is not trivial. First, people have to obtain a copy of the CD.

The UK committee is BSI DS/1
Members of the supporting organisations should obtain a copy direct from their representative on DS/1 The Supporting organisations are at the bottom of the page at: If you are a member of a supporting organisation, ask them for a copy - draft standards can be copied for review and comment purposes.

Similarly, members of other BSI committees and their supporting organisations can request copies of DS/1 draft standards from the DS/1 Secretary if they can show they have a legitimate interest in the draft standard

In the UK the supporting organisations have to get their comments to the BSI secretary of DS/1, who then collates, DS/1 reviews, and then DS/1 sends consolidated comments to IEC TC 56. Individual comments do not go direct to to the UK MT member.

Barrie Reynolds

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