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Don’t forget there is also an extant (but archaic) British Standard also . . . .
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There's already standards released and available for FMEA, see the SAE's J standard, and the venerable MIL-STD-1629. So why do we need another? Before we go gaily skipping down the primrose path of generating another standard, perhaps someone could state clearly why these are inadequate and clearly define what the hoped for improvement is?

I haven't seen pictures in the news of crowds of angry RAM engineers besieging their local standards organisations, angrily waving FMEA reports in the air and demanding action to include 'C' into the acronym.

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Hi Drew, all,

On 16/07/2014 11:10, Andrew Rae wrote:

Standards processes seldom have an easy way for people outside the immediate process to say "You're whole approach to this is wrong". They're much more suited to complaining about how specific bits are expressed, on the assumption that the overall framework makes sense.

Is that intentional, do you think? It sounds like a good defence mechanism.


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