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From: Barrie Reynolds < >
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:10:28 +0100

I had intended to encourage this list to think a little more about PBLs earlier proposal "...and I'll see what we can figure out to get your comments into the process chain."

York University are a Nominating Organisation to BSI DS/1 There is a resident (apparently dormant or not corresponding here) member of York University on DS/1 They have already demonstrated to DS/1 that they

  1. be formally constituted and have a defined scope or terms of reference consistent with those of the committee;

York have an originating interest in this list The members of this list could be said to constitute a body which

b) have open and non-discriminatory membership criteria such as to permit representation of any UK interests that share their objectives; c) be an authoritative voice for a defined interest or group of interests affected, or potentially affected, by the work of the committee; and d) be committed to active support for the principle of consensus-based voluntary standardization.

The above is taken from clause 7.3 of the BSI BS 0 'Principles' standard

The fact that this list is broader than UK only reinforces the relevance and authority, in my opinion.

If York were to take an active role here, and act on behalf of the list by submitting consolidated comment (albeit using the IEC form) then some positive steps can be taken, rather than calling down a plague.

I have worked hard in my involvement with standards to try to ensure as broad as possible access is given to the development processes. Those processes are open, not restrictive, fully described, and not hidden behind anyone's garden wall. The most daunting obstacles have been those Professional Institutions who fail to take their role as nominating organisations seriously, thereby blocking access for Institution members, and significantly so for academics and students.

I do not understand why John Knight "cannot obtain copies of standards to which he has himself contributed as a committee member without paying out large sums of money" . All committee members on BSI committees have free access to a final standard within the scope of their committee via the complimentary standards facility.

Students can study library copies of all final standards, in the same way they can access all text books in their library. Buy one, put it in a library - unless you also wish to campaign for all students (or all academics) everywhere to be given free copies of any book or reference they desire. Nominating Organisations are also entitled to one free paper copy - for thir library- accessible to all members.

The existing processes may not suit everyone, but the only way they will change is by pressure from within. It may be constructive to start with the BS 0 defined process and identify where that is deficient (before moving on to IEC) if we really want to change things.


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