Re: [SystemSafety] FMEA draft international standard

From: John Knight < >
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 11:29:33 -0400

On 7/16/14, 3:53 AM, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:
> For example, John Knight has complained publicly that he cannot obtain copies of standards to which
> he has himself contributed as a committee member without paying out large sums of money to which he
> does not have access in his academic role. And his students thereby cannot study them. He is right.
> Almost all academia is hindered from using actual - even past - standards in their teaching, at
> least in the area in which I work. That seems to be absurd if the standards' claim to codify current
> state of the art is true.

Just to follow up on what Peter said here, I have proposed a model in which:

As an example, in my model RTCA DO-178C would be in the public domain. But any organization seeking certification from the FAA for an avionics software system would pay a fee to RTCA. The FAA would require a copy of the receipt.

This model provides the community with full access to the standards and charges those who benefit commercially from standards rather than the community at large.

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