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Just for your information.

Yoshiki Kinoshita of Kanagawa Uni (He was then at AIST) is one of the co-editors of ISO 15026-2.



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2014-07-22 0:03 GMT+09:00 Peter Bernard Ladkin <ladkin_at_xxxxxx
> Because EASA talks about safety/assurance cases, cites Toulmin and then uses its own conception, I
> thought I'd look up the international standard on assurance cases, ISO/IEC 15026 Part 2.
> It's 10pp long, including 2pp of Bibliography. The Bibliography includes a lot of ISO and IEC
> standards, a bunch of "Ministry of Defence" standards, without indicating which they might mean
> (answer: the UK), a couple of references to Altran UK's SafeSec project, including only URLs which
> no longer work (hint to the wise: grandfather your URLs when you revamp your WWW site! Back twenty
> years ago when we first taught people about WWW design this was de rigeur), a reference to
> Greenwell, Knight and Pease's taxonomy of fallacies (in ISSC 2006), and to Tim Kelly's diss.
> Nothing to Toulmin, Parsons, or anyone in the argumentation community.
> It's not bad, though. I'm somewhat unsure as to what a "justification" is; it seems to sit in
> between a claim and an assumption. It is said to be "a reason for the choice of a claim": isn't
> there always just one valid such reason, namely that the claim is required to validate the argument?
> The "blurb" is almost two pages long, leaving about five and a half pages for substance. It does
> better than EASA NPA 2014-13. Assurance cases consist of claims, arguments, evidence, justifications
> and assumptions (whereas NPA 2014-13 leaves the last two out) and it sort-of specifies the relations
> between them.
> Since it is an international standard on something the EASA NPA 2014-13 requires, namely assurance
> cases, one wonders why it was not cited.
> Does anyone know who was on the committee which wrote 15026-2?
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