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Interesting remark in the picture caption; "Northrop Grumman's X-47B is highly automated but does not have hard-to-test emergent behavior" - how do they know? It may not have emerged yet, making it hard to test...


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Some folks on this list may be interested in reading a recent article in Aviation Week & Space Technology titled 'Certifiable Trust' Required to Take Autonomous Systems Past 'Unmanned.':

(full URL is

I am curious what people think about the various statements made in the article.

The US National Research Council recently completed a report on the same general subject. The report, titled "Autonomy Research for Civil Aviation: Toward a New Era of Flight" is available here:

Downloading a free PDF copy requires registering or at least providing an e-mail address.

If anyone has the time to read the report, I am curious what you think about it.

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