[SystemSafety] Hacking Avionics

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 08:52:58 +0200

The Black Hat conference was last week. For those who missed the theatre (I had rabbits to feed and lawn to mow), there was a presentation by Reuben Santamarta, a consultant with the computer security company IOActive, about hacking SATCOM devices, which was previewed by Reuters.

Two of the systems in which vulnerabilities were found are avionics: the Cobham Aviator 700 and 700D kit. A Black Hat reviewer purporting to make a big deal of it in the Reuters article. I have also read some (further) naive and uninformed commentary in some mailing lists.

It seems to me - and the vendor and implicitly the airworthiness regulators - to be inconsequential. I put my evaluation, along with links to airworthiness regulations and their definitions, at http://www.abnormaldistribution.org/2014/08/14/security-vulnerabilities-in-commercial-aircraft-satcom-kit/

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