[SystemSafety] SCSC Event: Safety of Autonomous Systems

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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20:12:54 +0000

Safety-Critical Systems Club Seminar: Safety of Autonomous Systems

4 December 2014 - London, UK

This seminar considers the safety implications of autonomous systems, i.e. systems which are capable of operation without human intervention and which can perform sophisticated tasks by themselves or in conjunction with other systems.

As well as UAVs and driverless trains, there is a new breed of autonomous system entering the consumer space. These include cars with automatic functions, driverless vehicles, and aerial drones.

Some of these devices will eventually be mixing with or used by humans. How will people interact with such systems? How can we be confident in their operation? How do these systems achieve the level of safety required? What standards apply? Who will certify or approve them?

This seminar seeks to identify the issues and explore possible solutions.

Full details and programme available at http://www.scsc.org.uk/e299

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