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On 2014-11-06 13:24 , Mike Ellims wrote:
> The Guardian has a link to the following today:

A lot of what Steward suggests make sense, namely that a helmet is unlikely to help much in a collision between a head and a car except possibly at very low speed, and how it may increase the severity and maybe the occurrence, of rotational injuries, which are often severe (he includes an unpleasant-sounding description).

The point was made here before that there may be glancing collisions of the head in which a helmet might save you from a lot worse. I have three acquaintances who have suffered such events four times between them, as I have mentioned. Stewart doesn't address these.

The work of W.J. Curnow is cited in Stewart's article. Much of it seems to be published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, formerly Pergamon and now Elsevier. For those not wishing to spend the $41.95 which Elsevier charges per article, some of the work is available elsewhere on-line. For example,



More articles by Curnow may be found at:

and a rebuttal of a rebuttal:

I am not necessarily endorsing any work here. I haven't read any of the articles besides Stewart's Risk Sense blog. AAP is a well-respected journal.

There is a collection of links to papers "sceptical of helmet effectiveness" at Again, purely informational and not necessarily an endorsement.

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