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>From personal experience with two bike equipped primary school kids I’d say we have a minor incident one or two times per month and a major incident that gets them told off with a bike ban maybe once or twice per year. But major I mean that a motorized vehicle drive had to take some avoiding action.

A part of the issue is that drivers don’t account for the fact that a five (and seven) year old on a bike is not actually a rational actor, and a large part of the time not even a reasonable approximation to one. For example if Thing #2 is mad at Thing #1 (most of the time) being mad takes precedence over riding safely and pretty much anything else.  

Thus from experience the numbers 2 out of 5 nearly hit don’t seem at all unreasonable.  

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A report in The Guardian this morning

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41% of primary pupils hit or nearly hit by cars

More than two in five primary schoolchildren say they have been hit or nearly hit by a vehicle while on foot or on a bike, according to a survey by the road safety charity Brake released for Road Safety Week. Two-thirds of the 4,787 pupils aged seven to 11 who were polled thought roads in their community could be dangerous for walking and cycling, and 41% said they had been struck by a vehicle or had a near miss.

Brake highlighted figures showing that motorists are picking up fines for speeding and careless driving at a rate of almost two a minute.

A total of 950,505 fixed-penalty notices were issued for speeding last year, and a further 17,483 were issued for careless driving. Brake is launching a campaign calling on road users to look out for each other to help cut the rate of five deaths and 61 serious injuries a day on the roads.

The charity’s deputy chief executive, Julie Townsend, said: “When drivers use roads without care for others, the consequences can be tragic and horrific. That’s why we’re asking all road users to look out for and protect each other.”


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