Re: [SystemSafety] NTSB report on Boeing 787 APU battery fire at Boston Logan

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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 17:11:42 +0100

On 2014-12-04 16:44 , Mike Ellims wrote:
> So could the assumption have been validated as it should have been?
> Simplest way to test this is to do a literature search.

You didn't mention Linden's Handbook of Batteries, ed. Reddy, McGraw-Hill, 4th Edition 2011, Ist edition 1984. Then there's Ley and Bro, Battery Hazards and Accident Prevention, Springer, 1994. Then there is Daniel and Besenhard, Handbook of Battery Materials, Wiley VCH, 2nd edition 2011, first edition 1999. As far as I can tell, they are required items on the bookshelf of any battery person and they are on ours too. All of them deal with the issue of thermal runaway of lithium batteries, and the first two with how this is affected by design. Then there are the many annual conferences on batteries.

Or you can simply ask people who know. Like, any one of those authors of the thousands of papers, some of whom are very distinguished scientists indeed, as well as being well-known.

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