Re: [SystemSafety] Another academic safety workshop / why not industrialists ?

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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 13:34:59 +0000

Peter, Martyn, and all,

    For me, who works at a company that builds safety-systems, the answer is "Not much".

I suspect that is true for others as well. Like many industrialists, the criteria for me to attend any out-of-town conference is that I must write, submit, and have accepted a paper to give at such conference. However, getting clearance for such a paper from Engineering, Marketing, Legal, etc., not only at the factory where I work, but from the divisional headquarters as well, is a very time-consuming and lengthy process.

   And the "lessons learned" kind of paper, which indicates what works for us, and what does not work for us; at least in the time/effort required for a given technology and the respective results, is very unlikely to be approved, since it could very well be considered as "giving away some of our company's advantages."

   In particular, if I write something on the order of: In developing products A & B, we used technology T on A, but not on B, and found that T either was very helpful, or that the use of T had no effect on our defect-rates.

1) That is the kind of experiential paper that I as an industrialist would consider quite useful. 2) That topic has almost no chance of being approved.

Regards, ..Paul S.

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It's a pity, of course, but what's the incentive for an industrialist to give up the required time (and sometimes travel costs) to PC duties?


On 14/01/2015 09:05, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:

> Is it just me, or are others sceptical about a - yet another - 
> workshop on safety which has only academics on the PC?

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