Re: [SystemSafety] Fault, Failure and Reliability Again (short)

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2015 15:22:44 +0100


On 2015-03-04 15:07 , Ross - Sigma wrote:
> From an aeronautical software perspective it is the contribution of software
> to aircraft level Failure Conditions that is considered. No attempt is made
> to quantify that contribution numerically. ....
> I don't see any need to change or rewrite any of the aeronautical software
> standards.

I think you've missed the point.

I didn't say "standards", I said certification requirements. Those are, at least in the US, Federal Regulations, not standards. They set numerical requirements on rate of occurrence of dangerous failures; those are given qualitatively but they are assigned quantitative equivalents elsewhere (oddly, in the acceptable means of compliance).

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