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Engineers always need academics to properly go back to definitions. Academics are seriously missing in 61508.

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Hi Michael

Um. Well...Of course what you say here is literally correct, but I think a little disingenuous in the context of a discussion in which a couple of academics were being hounded by the forces of unreason:-) But my comment was meant lightly (just as my previous sentence was a joke). I forgive you!



On 3/8/15 10:03 AM, Littlewood, Bev wrote a whole lot of stuff, but I only want to comment on the following:

But I did think Michael's dig at academics was a bit below the belt. ... I did not make a dig at academics. I made a true statement about my experience, using language that was perhaps a tad bit less kind than it could have been, but nevertheless accurate.

Surely no one on this list would dispute the existence of academics who "seem to be swayed by arguments of dubious cogency and evidence of questionable credibility." Just as no one on this list should dispute the same statement if "academics" were replaced by "government researchers", "practicing engineers", "certification authorities", "professional philosophers", or any other group. If everyone on the list is honest with his or herself, neither should anyone dispute the statement if "academics" is replaced by his or her own name, modified only by an explicit qualifier such as "sometimes". I certainly don't dispute it as applied to myself.


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