[SystemSafety] Germanwings 4U 9252 / GWI18G

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Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 20:35:20 +0200


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Distressing news. Preliminary BEA readout of the FDR leaves deliberate action of the FO (the pilot flying) as the only plausible explanation of the Germanwings crash.

The link to today's BEA communique, as well as my translation of the pertinent paragraph, is at http://www.abnormaldistribution.org/2015/03/24/germanwings-flight-4u-9525/ which also includes comments back to 24 March.

I've been updating my blog post judiciously; up until today I had considered that the only demonstrated pilot action was the one manual setting of the FCU to a target altitude of 100ft (= 96 ft QNH). I didn't go with the suggestion that this was clearly deliberate; neither did I necessarily go with the suggestion that the CAP was deliberately denied reentry to the cockpit. Neither of these assertions appeared to me to be unequivocally supported by the evidence of which we had been made aware. Mental events of an epileptic or stroke-type nature had seemed to me consistent with what we knew. No longer.

I have found and find this entire event quite distressing. I had two and a half days of constant news-media contact after it happened. Many colleagues abjure such interviews, but I feel that I should try to perform such a public service, even when I (inevitably) screw up.

This appears to be the worst mass murder in recent German history, and the fourth-worst in European (after Srebrenica, Lockerbie and Madrid. Fifth-worst if you consider Ukraine part of Europe.) We've had some really awful stuff in aviation in the last year: MH 370, MH 17 and 4U 9525.

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