[SystemSafety] EN 50126/28/29 and MIL STD 882C - Differences

From: M Mencke < >
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:24:23 +0200

Dear all,

I was wondering if anybody has experience in the application of MIL STD 882C in the railway sector, and if there are any major differences between the application of the EN 50126/28/29 standards and this standard.

I do not want to (re) open a discussion about probabilistic risk assessment, but as far as I can see, one of the differences is that THR is not applied. However, occurrence of hazard categorization may be measured qualitatively or quantitatively, EN 50126 calls it "frequence of occurrence of hazardous events", whereas MIL STD 882C calls it "Hazard Probability Levels".

Appendix A provides guidelines for implementation of system safety program requirements, there is a matrix for "Small Dollar or Low Risk Program", "Medium Dollar or Average Risk Program" and "Large Dollar or High Risk Program", I was wondering if the first two programs could be considered approximately equivalent to SIL 1 and SIL 2 according to the EN standards, and the latter equivalent to SIL 4, but I understand that this would be a generalization.

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