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From: M Mencke < >
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 18:37:11 +0200

Well, personally I think achieving that the meaning is conveyed correctly in both languages, especially the output language, is a complicated task for a company, given that at least from my experience the translator hired is very unlikely to be an engineer or even familiar with the system...and the human factors analysis (supposing it includes semantic analysis of the commands as written and their description) is almost always done in the language of the manufacturer..which is why I raised this question, among other things. Regards, and thanks
El 27/04/2015 18:22, "Martyn Thomas" <martyn_at_xxxxxx escribió:

> I think that conveying the right meaning in each language is more
> important than the translation being precise (if it's possible for the
> former to be true without the latter also being true)
> Martyn
> On 27/04/2015 16:19, M Mencke wrote:
> Yes, you do. In that case, I think we would be looking at two issues;
> firstly, the accuracy and precision of the (human) translation, and
> secondly, whether the natural language (human) translation conveys the
> desired meaning (in both languages). I just separated them because I think
> these are two (related) issues.
> El 27/04/2015 17:06, "Martyn Thomas" <martyn_at_xxxxxx > escribió:
>> Why is this different from the single language case? In either
>> situation, do you not need assurance that the natural language conveys
>> the desired meaning to the relevant humans?
>> Martyn

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