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On 2015-05-20 10:16 , Matthew Squair wrote: > Is the use of fuel transfer systems for in flight trimming covered by current aviation > regulations?

Well, sure, but I can't find anything specific.

The general civil regulation is CS25.21 Proof of Compliance. Basically, the airplane must be demonstrated to be stable and controllable within the declared flight envelope. Clauses (c) and (d). I believe the airplane is being certified to civilian standards, so that it can be used by commercial operators if there is interest.

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CS 25.21 Proof of compliance

(a) Each requirement of this Subpart must be met at each appropriate combination of weight and
centre of gravity within the range of loading conditions for which certification is requested. This must be shown –
(1) By tests upon an aeroplane of the type for which certification is requested, or by
calculations based on, and equal in accuracy to, the results of testing; and
(2) By systematic investigation of each probable combination of weight and centre of gravity, if
compliance cannot be reasonably inferred from combinations investigated.
(b) Reserved
(c) The controllability, stability, trim, and stalling characteristics of the aeroplane must be
shown for each altitude up to the maximum expected in operation.
(d) Parameters critical for the test being conducted, such as weight, loading (centre of gravity
and inertia), airspeed, power, and wind, must be maintained within acceptable tolerances of the critical values during flight testing.
(e) If compliance with the flight characteristics requirements is dependent upon a stability
augmentation system or upon any other automatic or power-operated system, compliance must be shown with CS 25.671 and 25.672.
(f) In meeting the requirements of CS 25.105(d), 25.125, 25.233 and 25.237, the wind velocity must
be measured at a height of 10 metres above the surface, or corrected for the difference between the height at which the wind velocity is measured and the 10-metre height.

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