[SystemSafety] Another unbelievable failure (file system overflow)

From: Roberto Bagnara < >
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 16:25:21 +0200

According to


"As more beacons are transmitted, the file grows in size. When it

     reaches 32 megabytes—roughly the size of ten compressed music
     files—it can crash the flight system. The manufacturer of the
     avionics board corrected this glitch in later software
     revisions. But alas, LightSail's software version doesn't include
     the update."

And now

"Since we can't send anyone into space to reboot LightSail, we may

     have to wait for the spacecraft to reboot on its own. Spacecraft
     are susceptible to charged particles zipping through deep space [...]"

OK, LightSail is a sort of amateur project, but still I have a hard time believing such things can happen in 2015. Kind regards,


     Prof. Roberto Bagnara

Applied Formal Methods Laboratory - University of Parma, Italy
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