Re: [SystemSafety] Another unbelievable failure (file system overflow)

From: Heath Raftery < >
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 08:19:36 +1000

On 28/05/2015 12:25 AM, Roberto Bagnara wrote:
> According to
> "As more beacons are transmitted, the file grows in size. When it
> reaches 32 megabytes—roughly the size of ten compressed music
> files—it can crash the flight system. The manufacturer of the
> avionics board corrected this glitch in later software
> revisions. But alas, LightSail's software version doesn't include
> the update."
> OK, LightSail is a sort of amateur project, but still I have a hard
> time believing such things can happen in 2015.

Interesting one Roberto. I for one, can imagine it happening in a resource strapped small company:

Programmer: "Got that bloody file system driver working. Had to hack some crap together to figure out where the problem is, but I figured it out so I'll just go back and take out the nonsense." Manager: "It's working right? We have to ship!" Programmer: "It's working now, but it's very suspect." Manager: "Good, it's working. Ship now. We'll do whatever polishing you want in version 2."
Programmer: "Sigh. The proverbial 'version 2' that never comes..."


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