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On 2015-06-01 11:08 , Martyn Thomas wrote:
> Where can I find details of the content of IEC 62443, and of the IEC workgroup?

As usual, you pay for copies of IEC 62443 (there are, I think, five parts so far) or you get involved in standardisation work and may obtain related manuscripts (say, FDIS) explicitly for that work from your responsible National Committee (NC).

IEC 62443 only concerns security in the process industries. At a recent meeting of the German NC on E/E/PE functional safety, a representative from the NC concerned with IEC 62443 said that everything necessary from ISO 27000 had been taken into account and IEC 62443 was a successful enterprise. Having recently suffered through some heinously boring presentations, involving subdivision and classification and boxes and arrows as far as the eye could see, I .... um ..... reserve judgement.

You can only find out about results of the IEC Working Group by being in it, as far as I can tell. I've tried to find out and get two sentences in reply. They are a different two sentences for each colleague I ask. I don't "AND" the replies.

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