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Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2015 12:12:59 +0100

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On 01/06/2015 11:03, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:
> ...
> IEC 62443 only concerns security in the process industries. At a
recent meeting of the German NC
> on E/E/PE functional safety, a representative from the NC concerned
with IEC 62443 said that
> everything necessary from ISO 27000 had been taken into account and
IEC 62443 was a successful
> enterprise. Having recently suffered through some heinously boring
presentations, involving
> subdivision and classification and boxes and arrows as far as the eye
could see, I .... um .....
> reserve judgement.

I have found a lengthy presentation of 62443 on the internet. It seems to be a mix of 27001 and architectural partitioning into "zones" separated by firewalls. The presentation said "be very careful designing and implementing the firewalls".

Little engineering and nothing useful on assurance.

I can't see how I could use it to provide adequate confidence that I had controlled the security threats to a safety-critical system adequately.

> You can only find out about results of the IEC Working Group by being
in it, as far as I can tell.
> I've tried to find out and get two sentences in reply. They are a
different two sentences for each
> colleague I ask. I don't "AND" the replies.
A sensible engineering standardisation process would start with an public discussion between experts about the scope of the standard and the criteria for judging a good outcome. Once these were agreed, the development of the standard would also be public and interactive.

The current processes seem to have nothing to recommend them.


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