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Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:43:15 +0100


HSE regard ALARP and SFARP as equivalent. See below:

"You may come across it as SFAIRP (“so far as is reasonably practicable”) or ALARP (“as low as reasonably practicable”). SFAIRP is the term most often used in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act and in Regulations. ALARP is the term used by risk specialists, and duty-holders are more likely to know it. We use ALARP in this guidance. In HSE’s view, the two terms are interchangeable except if you are drafting formal legal documents when you must use the correct legal phrase."

In practice, if the risk is sufficiently low to be considered "tolerable" then failure to carry out further reduction (even if reasonably practicable) is unlikely to lead to successful prosecution. (For the avoidance of doubt, let me say that this is my personal opinion. I'm a Director of HSE but here writing only in a personal capacity not on behalf of HSE. If you have a strong reason to need a formal policy position from HSE, I can probably get it).



On 05/06/2015 06:09, Matthew Squair wrote:
> the So Far As Is Reasonably Practical (SFAIRP) principle for deciding
> when to stop, and no this is not the same as the ALARP principle of
> the HSE.

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