Re: [SystemSafety] Report on Google autonomous vehicles

From: Matthias Güdemann < >
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 07:38:03 +0100

> more recent insurance site claimed 23% for CY 2010. Wonder if there
> is something inherently distracting about the Google vehicles that are
> increasing this rate?

When I was reading this report, I was reminded of someone who wrote about his experience with the Google AVs. He described them as driving in a very defensive way, almost timidly.

Maybe this driving style is unexpected for others on the road?

The report often states that the AV had stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, but there is no information about for how long it had stopped. From what I have seen in the US, many crossings without traffic lights have stop signs at every entry to the crossing and drivers should first stop and then proceed in the order of arrival.

>From my driving experience in Europe, I'd be *very* surprised if people
in the US would completely stop instead of just slowing down at crossings if it was obvious that no only else arrives; on the other hand Google AVs likely obey the road traffic regulations.


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