Re: [SystemSafety] Another unbelievable failure (file system overflow)

From: Martyn Thomas < >
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 18:39:00 +0100

Dear Brian

Will your safety evaluation be "white box" or "black box"?

Are you permitted to attack the vehicles, to provide a real-world environment as part of the assessment?


On 10/06/2015 16:38, Smith, Brian E. (ARC-TH) wrote:
> FYI… I’m a member of the NASA Integrated Product Team that is
> evaluating the safety of the driverless car experiments being
> conducted on the Ames campus here in Mountain View (the headquarters
> of Google). I also live in the city and see Google AVs driving by my
> home almost daily. Without specific “metrics” to evaluate how these
> vehicles behave, from my subjective knothole, they seem to respond to
> various traffic situations just like cars with drivers. Nissan is
> also about to begin AV experiments here in our area.

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