Re: [SystemSafety] Chicago controller halts Delta jet's near-miss on takeoff: '1328, stop, stop stop!'

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I wonder if it is rarely a Black Swan event. If these are defined (at least in part) as unforeseen events - I don't think it qualifies as a Black Swan. As Peter has pointed out - a known problem regards Pete w

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As observed by Peter, this may have been caused by confusion between the Call Signs of the aircraft. One of those rare, Black Swan events.

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Before the incident, a Midway ground controller had notified both pilots about the similar and potentially confusing flight numbers of the

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two planes waiting to depart, and he advised the pilots to listen carefully to radio calls, according to tapes of the incident, which are on

On the transmission, the tower controller is heard clearing Southwest Flight 3828 for takeoff. But when the Southwest pilot radios back confirmation, his voice is obscured, or "stepped on," by a dual transmission, apparently from Delta Flight 1328. During a dual transmission, each pilot hears only some of what is being communicated.

A second dual transmission then occurs, and seconds later, as the Southwest plane is accelerating down runway 31 Center, the Delta plane is also on a takeoff roll on intersecting runway 4 Right, sources said.

A controller abruptly yells, "Stop, stop, stop, stop!" A pilot says, "Aborting," and another pilot announces, "SWA stopping."

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>- Two passenger jets began to take off at the same time on intersecting
>runways at Chicago's Midway International Airport, prompting a
>controller to shout over the radio for one of the pilots to halt to
>avoid a collision.
>Wow! Just wow!
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