Re: [SystemSafety] Chicago controller halts Delta jet's near-miss on takeoff: '1328, stop, stop stop!'

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Agree. Perhaps it is more properly termed a rare coincidence of call sign similarity.

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>I wonder if it is rarely a Black Swan event. If these are defined (at
>least in part) as unforeseen events - I don't think it qualifies as a
>Black Swan. As Peter has pointed out - a known problem regards
>Pete w
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>As observed by Peter, this may have been caused by confusion between the
>Call Signs of the aircraft. One of those rare, Black Swan events.
>Before the incident, a Midway ground controller had notified both pilots
>about the similar and potentially confusing flight numbers of the
> [comment: good job!]
>two planes waiting to depart, and he advised the pilots to listen
>carefully to radio calls, according to tapes of the incident, which are
>On the transmission, the tower controller is heard clearing Southwest
>Flight 3828 for takeoff. But when the Southwest pilot radios back
>confirmation, his voice is obscured, or "stepped on," by a dual
>transmission, apparently from Delta Flight 1328. During a dual
>transmission, each pilot hears only some of what is being communicated.
>A second dual transmission then occurs, and seconds later, as the
>Southwest plane is accelerating down runway 31 Center, the Delta plane is
>also on a takeoff roll on intersecting runway 4 Right, sources said.
>A controller abruptly yells, "Stop, stop, stop, stop!" A pilot says,
>"Aborting," and another pilot announces, "SWA stopping."
>On 6/18/15, 10:27 AM, "Simon Whiteley" <simon_at_xxxxxx >wrote:
>>- Two passenger jets began to take off at the same time on intersecting
>>runways at Chicago's Midway International Airport, prompting a
>>controller to shout over the radio for one of the pilots to halt to
>>avoid a collision.
>>Wow! Just wow!
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