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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 08:41:59 +0200


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This is off-subject and UK-centric, but I hope people understand my motivation.

The archive of John Logie Baird, including the first video recording of his ventriloquist dummmy, is for sale, at a price of £78,750. A UK export ban has been placed on the archive, which means that if a UK buyer comes forward (within - is it? - 3 months? Or 6 months?) with the expressed intent to keep the archive in the UK, it will be sold to that buyer (if there are many, then to one of them).


I figure there are enough people here who are British nationals who might be able to pitch in £500 or £1,000. I thought we might set up a pledge fund, which we might be able to organise through the IET (I'll ask). I'd anticipate the IET would buy the archive with the pledge fund and hold it in the library in the new Savoy Place building. If you could contribute to such a fund, please let me know privately.

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