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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 13:22:20 +0200

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On 29.06.2015 09:15, Klaus wrote:
> Dear all,

Thank you for the long explanations.

> Then, ICAO manual 9432 specifies: An aircraft shall not
> change its type of call sign during flight except when there is a
> likelihood that confusion may occur because of similar call signs;
> in such cases, an aircraft may be instructed by an air traffic
> control unit to change the type of its call sign temporarily.

Note that it does not say "change the callsign", but "change the *type* of callsign". Types are (a) registration, (b) operator + registration and (c) operator + flight number.

Since (c) is the norm for scheduled line flights, it could then be instructed to use type (a) or (b) instead.

> Best, Klaus Sievers

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