Re: [SystemSafety] ERTMS Balise security vulnerabilities

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Would monitoring trackside performance and configuration reduce or increase risk?

(i.e. There could be an uncertainty principle at work.)

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 won't help much but the risk apportionment for trackside  and vehicle are available in the relevant Unisig subsets  dealing with the different levels of implementation but  unsurprisingly security threats are explicitly  excludedAll the
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 I don't know of
 any quantitative analyses.  

 The problem is that threats are so variable.  

 It is easier to postulate specific attacks and the  capability level needed to implement them (e.g. from nation  state downwards).
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 a lot Peter,
 come across this report in the past. It's high level and  draws attention to the risk of balise security, but  doesn't consider actual threat scenarios or consider  probabilities of risk that's given threats could  occur. 
 With that in
 mind I was keen to find reports detailing qualitative and  quantitative analysis of threats to the balise, balise tool  and communication across the air gap. 
 For eg assessing the likely threats
 and probabilities of Hacking into the Balise Programing Tool  or which communicates with the balise across the air gap or  by intercepting/inserting packets passing across the air gap  remotely   

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 You could take a look at

 Peter Bishop    

 On 27 June 2015 at 11:12,
 Paul Work <pclearyrail_at_xxxxxx
 Does anybody know of research into
 security vulnerabilities for ERTMS Balise, including any  quantitative assessment of risks, such as acquisition of  proprietary tools used to interface with Balise  

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