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My local zoo has a poster in its aquarium, quoting a statistic about fatal shark attacks, compared to deaths caused by chairs. I can't remember the precise numbers, but it is something like half a dozen shark related deaths annually, compared to hundreds caused by homicidal furniture. The International Shark Attack File quotes 497 confirmed fatal shark attacks worldwide, over the last 435 years.

Now that Hollywood has successfully warned the world about sharks, how can we persuade them to do such a sterling effort to get the word out about seating? ;-)

More fun shark attack statistics at


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Tis the 40th anniversary of the movie Jaws. The script writer is giving interviews. It turns out the movie made many people shark-risk-aware. Some didn't go near a swimming pool for years after. But one comment resonated. Words to the effect of:
"Why did those victims go into the water? Couldn't they hear the music?"
More support for the fundamental axiom of hazard analysis:
"Some things only become clear, later on."

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