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My modified answers:
  1. No - you would have to question any attempt to use an obsolete standard on new product. (Whatever the product is. Would you access a new car on the standards applicable in 2005?)
  2. Not necessarily, but a re-assessment should surely be done if it is known that the previous assessment may be inadequate. In long-lived products which have safety considerations I would expect a periodic re-assessment anyway.
  3. No - if the checklist is known to be inadequate it would not be defensible to use it.


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To: systemsafety_at_xxxxxx Subject: Re: [SystemSafety] Software Safety Assessment It's complicated and I was trying to avoid too much detail to get to the central questions.

It has been 'fielded' and is being 'used' during extended V&V activities (in parallel with the old system) but it is not yet considered fully operational. Safety assessment of some software aspects continues on Program A but not the 'process-based' software development assessment which was the subject of Standard X and the original checklist in 2004. For the scenario, take it as read that Standard X tools and techniques are still valid even though it is now obsolete.

My original questions slightly modified are:

  1. Is it acceptable to use an obsolete (but still valid) safety standard to assess new software?
  2. Is the SIL1 claim for 10 year old Project A invalid because the checklist could have been better?
  3. If Project B used the old checklist from Project A would that be adequate?


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