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Since you brought up Don Norman, a couple of interesting "how not to do it" web sites include:


*) Do a web search using the term "User interface hall of shame", there's more than one



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The starting point might be a undergraduate text on human factors and design such as Sanders and McCormick; which is perhaps a long in the tooth (1993) but has a relatively broad coverage, a used copy is quite reasonable. Does anyone know of something a bit more recent with the same sort of coverage???

An interesting take on the subject is given by Norman in “the Design of Everyday Things” which looks at quite a few BADLY designed everyday things. A recommended read. I think of this every time I have to stop and decode the BEEP BEPP BEEP knobs on the gas hob. Of relevance here is perhaps figure 4.6 which show two knobs at a nuclear plant replaced by beer keg handles so operators can tell them apart….

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Dear Experts,
what is the basic literature on power plant user interfaces, especially if it is a nuclear power plant? I have learned that the Three Mile Island accident was partly due to errors in the control interface.

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