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On 2015-07-13 07:30 , Gergely Buday wrote:

>> [PBL] You don't say what you have in mind with TMI.

> Stone, Jarrett, Woodroffe and Minocha's book User Interface Design and Evaluation writes:

There is a huge amount of writing on TMI. Chick Perrow wrote that "It is probably the most well-documented examination of organisational performance in the public record. At last count I found ten published technical volumes or books on the accident alone, perhaps one hundred articles, and many volumes of testimony." And that was 31 years ago!

I don't necessarily buy Stone et al.'s comment that

> The root of the problem, therefore, seemed to be that the control panels did not support the
> task of serious error and incident recovery.

Perrow's suggestion would rather be that the system is tightly-coupled and interactively-complex and is therefore susceptible to normal accidents (that is a technical term for Perrow). Fixing one bit doesn't change its nature as tightly-coupled and interactively-complex, so will not reduce it susceptibility to normal accidents.

Notwithstanding, it is obviously a good idea to improve the fitness-for-purpose of the operational information systems if one can. Concerning those, there are not only books and papers but quite a lot of relevant standards. Karsten Loer has a better handle on that than I do. He did most of the standards-review for a joint paper we presented in March on the topic. Karsten is on the list.

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