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The answer is yes, but one of the problems is that engineers are not normally users, so they have a different perspective on what short-cuts or ‘misuse’ might happen. This means that the end user needs to be engaged in the design process too but from my perspective, they aren’t normally that bothered because they can’t see or touch it. In addition, we sometimes get into the ‘but why would anyone do it that way, I designed it this way!’ discussion!


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> On 13 Jul 2015, at 19:14, Tim Schürmann <tschuerm_at_xxxxxx >
> Good Evening Everyone,
> following the discussion about UI-Design and its impact on TMI a
> Question:
> From Weick&Sutcliff's "Managing the Unexpected" i learned:
> "A User will always look for a shortcut, making his/her work
> easier..." (my words)
> From your point of view (as professionals with experience):
> -Should a user making shortcuts (with impact to safety) be taken into
> account by the designer?
> - And is there a known way to handle/mitigate such a behaviour?
> (If one needs a specific example: Chernobyl NPP - Handling of the
> effective number of control rods remaining in the core [Term: ORM])
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