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It seems to me that HMI "metaphors" can take the form of arrows, needles, and/or moving tapes pointing in an intuitive directions (that one might expect in other real-world situations) and auditory cues that come from the right direction. Also the order in which information is provided to the operator can ³metaphorically² represent the operatorıs cognitive model of how pipes are arranged or valves are located in a processing plant for example.

Brian Smith

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>On 2015-07-15 03:12 , Les Chambers wrote:
>> So my point is: the key to a good HMI is excellent metaphor design.
>That does not fit in any way what I and colleagues have done or have been
>doing in HMI for the
>last couple of decades (and for some of them longer). There is a fair
>amount of math and logic
>involved. No metaphors.
>Key to good HMI is rigorous formal analysis. There are other key
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