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If you're in the US, you'll know about the PBS series NOVA. If you're in Europe you won't. It seems to be a rare exception of a public-interest TV documentary series that hasn't made it onto European screens yet.

Wednesday's NOVA episode is about the events during the Fukushima Daichi disaster. I reviewed it for WGBH. I could look at the video but didn't have time - I just looked at the transcript.

It focuses on what happened and how people coped in real time. It seems to be excellent. They have some first-rate commentators including Dave Lochbaum and Prime Minister at the time Naoto Kan, who trained as a nuclear engineer, so knew quite well what he was trying to cope with and where he was being fooled. They show some heros at the plants (the main hero at Daichi, the plant manager Yoshida who took courageous and correct decisions about cooling, died of cancer, unrelated to the accident, in 2013).

They focus on what happened and how people reacted, so a thick-description-type recounting. The do not address such issues as whether it could have been anticipated (as Chick anticipated it) or what could have been done in advance to mitigate the hazards (or even recognise the hazards).

Take a look at it if you can!

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