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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:02:57 +0100

Sounds interesting. I am guessing it is over the air rather than online. Just thinking about getting a proxy if it was online. Failing that, I’ve got a bunch of friends in the US who I am sure one of which will record it for me and then upload it to share.


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> On 27 Jul 2015, at 19:52, Peter Bernard Ladkin <ladkin_at_xxxxxx >
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> If you're in the US, you'll know about the PBS series NOVA. If you're in Europe you won't. It
> seems to be a rare exception of a public-interest TV documentary series that hasn't made it onto
> European screens yet.
> Wednesday's NOVA episode is about the events during the Fukushima Daichi disaster. I reviewed it
> for WGBH. I could look at the video but didn't have time - I just looked at the transcript.
> It focuses on what happened and how people coped in real time. It seems to be excellent. They have
> some first-rate commentators including Dave Lochbaum and Prime Minister at the time Naoto Kan, who
> trained as a nuclear engineer, so knew quite well what he was trying to cope with and where he was
> being fooled. They show some heros at the plants (the main hero at Daichi, the plant manager
> Yoshida who took courageous and correct decisions about cooling, died of cancer, unrelated to the
> accident, in 2013).
> They focus on what happened and how people reacted, so a thick-description-type recounting. The do
> not address such issues as whether it could have been anticipated (as Chick anticipated it) or
> what could have been done in advance to mitigate the hazards (or even recognise the hazards).
> Take a look at it if you can!
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