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Not used it, but I saw a draft a long time ago; I kept a note of a particularly useful paragraph that makes an observation on the use of numerical probabilities in assurance arguments:

Applying probability-based analysis can be fraught with difficulties. Reasons for difficulties include: (a) the probabilities required are generally difficult to obtain, and (b) the analysis is sometimes not useful for dealing with very improbable events. However, not using a well-reasoned, quantitative method such as probability can also be fraught with problems - possibly more.

So - it's tricky, then. This paragraph did not apparently make it to the published version.


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I just received a request for my opinion on ISO/IEC 15026, the Assurance Case standard.

There is also a standard which has recently been published in 2015, IEC 62741, Demonstration of Dependability Requirements - The Dependability Case.

Has anyone used either, or has opinions on one or both while not necessarily having used it?

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