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Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 11:46:07 +0100

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Some info coming from my inquiry with a pal at Eurocontrol.

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[XYZ] had a quick look at the ADS-B Minimum Operational Performce Specification in ED102A. It
specifies the coasting behaviour of the ADS-B system in case of missing input data. But it is not very specific on erroneous data.
ASTERIX Category 21 item 040, provides some means to forward the status of the target report to a ground station, but coasting is not mentioned explictly.

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This is consistent my hypothesis of a requirements gap - I'm still guessing that the situation is that there is behavior not covered by the spec which turns out in retrospect to be unwanted. (ED 102A is expensive at 500, which is a bit more than I care to afford.)

Inquiry will continue after the holiday break.

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