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Along similar lines in Australia (land of flooding rains) we've found that by replanting trees in a belt along the river course we can reduce the rate that water spills into the rivers and therefore the flood peak that's experienced, it spreads the pulse out in effect. Reduces erosion as well.

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>> Similar things happened during Katrina with the New Orleans 
>> pumping stations. Clearly a defence in depth requirement was not 
>> part of the design brief for either. 
>> More broadly this is also problem with the siting of NPP 
>> (generally they need to be on a river, lake or ocean) and their 
>> design against off site events (such as floods).

> One Yorkshire village, refused significant funding for their flood defences
> implemented a much less expensive scheme that worked along with
> nature rather than trying to fight nature. What they implemented apparently
> cost less than 10% of the original idea and has meant no flooding for them
> this year.
> Their scheme worked by reducing flows from up-stream water sources by
> crating leaky reservoir areas (when rainfall is high, it builds a small lake of
> water while still allowing a specific flow down-stream that can be coped
> with. Most of the reservoir was naturally available materials locally.
> Getting right headed about the sort of protection you can put in place and
> working with nature costs less and solves the problems more effectively.
> Apparently Oxford and Newcastle Universities worked on elements of the
> scheme designs.
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