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I agree that a frequentist probability approach to security is inappropriate and that uncertainty is a better word. The likelihood that a security vulnerability will be exploited is not stochastic, but it makes good sense to talk about relative likelihoods (if there is a mass escape from your neighbouring prison then it is more likely that someone will try to break into your house).


On 13/01/2016 06:12, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:
> There is some move to consider safety and security together in engineered systems and as a result
> I have come across - again - various informal notions of risk. I
thought it worth while to perform
> a quick (but incomplete) survey of current standards and to try to
elucidate the components
> currently thought to go together to constitute risk.
> In a nutshell, the project-management idea of risk as the chance that
things will go badly wrong
> is on the way out (it's been replaced in ISO/IEC Guide 73). That's
something to applaud, in my
> view. But there are often things wrong with the probability/likelihood
component of our favored
> notion, and visible suggestions it be generalised into something like
a measure of uncertainty.
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