[SystemSafety] Situation on the job market for RAM and Safety professional

From: Braband, Jens < >
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 07:32:20 +0000

I recently to talked to an HR guy, a recruiter. He complained to me that there is a great shortage of trained RAMS personnel. I was not aware of the situation and searched our job market, which resulted in dozends of hits for positions all over the world, ranging from Berlin, Erlangen, Prague, Riyad, Vienna, Manchester, Zoetermeer, Ballerup, Huizingen, Beijing, Singapore etc etc. I was really flabbergasted and wanted to ask you: Is this your general impression of the RAMS job market or do we as a company have particular problems? Could you offer any advice where to promote such RAMS job opportunities e. g. internet forums etc.

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PS If you happen to know someone looking for a job in this area, here's the lnk https://jobsearch.siemens.biz/career?company=Siemens

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