[SystemSafety] Functional hazard analysis, does it work?

From: Matthew Squair < >
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 11:42:37 +1100

A question to the list.

Does the process of functional hazard analysis 'work' in terms of identifying all functional hazards that we are, or should be, interested in?

The way the FHA process is defined in the various standards seems IMO to be very reductionist in nature, fine for identifying the specific consequences of a single functional failure mode, but what about functional interactions, multiple functional failures, the interaction of modes with functions and so on.

The background to this is that the project I'm working with is about to commit to a significant campaign of 'FHA'-ing. So we're engaged in a little bit of professional navel gazing about the efficacy of the technique before we commit to the campaign.

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