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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 06:57:15 +0100


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for the last few weeks/months the list has been receiving spam emails on a daily basis from what appears to be a robot. It means I have to take the five minutes, every day, to go into the list management and discard the mails. I thought it might stop but it doesn't. They all come from a high-level domain assigned to companies in Ukraine, ....co.ua but the domain names are daily different. I am not yet sure how to muck around with the blacklist specification to discard specifically these automatically and won't for a while yet.

Until now, posts to the List which come from unregistered email addresses have been held for personal administrator handling. From yesterday, they will all automatically be discarded.

That means that if you post from an unregistered address (a home email account, say, instead of your registered work account) your note will be unceremoniously chucked.

So please keep a copy of all messages you write (I do this for all my mail as a matter of course), and query me/us personally if a message doesn't appear.

I'll let everyone know when we have configured the blacklist.

Thanks for your patience!

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