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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 23:36:37 +0100


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a heads-up, with request.

At Bielefeld, we are currently unable to mail anyone with a mail address at btinternet.com. This first happened in the first week in February, as I tried to reply to a request from the SCSC coordinator Mike Parsons, who uses such an address. My mail was rejected "for policy reasons", and a mailing address was given to which I could send mail. I replied to the given mailing address. They asked me to "resend" my message, with a copy to a new mailing address, so they could determine the problem.

This turns out to be a form letter. I sent a mail to another correspondent at btinternet.com, which was also rejected "for policy reasons" and received the same message.

I have asked btinternet.com to tell me why emails from me are being rejected "for policy reasons". I have received no reply from a human.

Simon Whiteley's mail to the System Safety List has been bounced from two btinternet mailing addresses, that of Mike Parsons of NATS and SCSC and that of Martin Lloyd at Farside Technology Research.

Please could anyone with contact with Mike or Martin inform them of the problem and ask them to contact btinternet about it?

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