Re: [SystemSafety] Modelling and coding guidelines: "Unambiguous Graphical Representation"

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>>> >Some people have even formally defined the semantics of Simulink or >>> a subset of it:

Yes a subset.
 From the abstract of: An Operational Semantics for Stateflow "Stateflow has many tricky features but our operational treatment yields a surprisingly simple semantics for the subset that is generally recommended for industrial applications."

> from the Matlab simulator. We have done this and systematically examined
> many examples; for all these examples, the traces obtained by the two
> tools were the same.

How many is "many" and to what extent did they exercise all the features of the subset handled?

>> It's laudable, but it's a long way from what "formally defined the
>> semantics of Simulink" would mean
>> to practicing engineers. That would further entail that (a) one of

Yes, what use is a formal specification of a language?

In theory it might be used to find inconsistencies in how the language interprets constructs. There have been various projects intending to do this sort of thing, but the ones I am aware of have had their hands full just completing the formal specification. Does anybody know of success stories here?

Are there other uses?

There is a class of people who are mightily impressed by the existence of a formal specification for whatever. So there is a marketing use.

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