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I would suggest state-of-the-art hard-realtime software should be build using source weavers using hierarchical synchronous active objects (combining state machines and algorithmic code) in models. These models should be verified both automatically and by humans.

If humans still write some part of the sources, then these sources should also be inspected, but the most efficient approach today is a combination of automatic inspection with human drill-down once the automation has flagged the more defect-prone pieces of software. Evidence shows the defects are not distributed equally. Today, there are methods such as SQALE and its variant for automation software to assess source quality automatically and even calculate some form of technical debt.

Like other people have mentioned, processes like these will only remove part of the errors in the software, there will be defects in the requirements (or in the absence of requirements in these modern times), or in the manuals or in the implicit assumptions nobody can ever capture entirely. Still, the results are usually worth the efforts.

Thierry Coq

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> Bad code is code which does not conform to the standards you

We need to stop calling code good, bad or indifferent.

A certain amount of resources is invested in finding problems in code. Finding problems in the code does not make it bad, if you had invested less the problems might not have been found. Finding no problems does not make the code good because a greater investment might find problems.

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