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Sounds interesting. The components are one thing. What about emergent properties of the assembled whole. How do you review the interactions. The modern zeitgeist seems to be developing systems of dumb objects that interact. The problem is that the complexity gets pushed into the interaction. This is an abstract thing. Very hard to pick apart in a review. Have you any solutions for this?

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>By the way I'm not against Fagan reviews, they can be good value
>when used
>as designed. I wrote an essay on my first exposure to them here:

A nice article indeed.

>... but they are designed for inspection of completed
>deliverables, they are
>the end game not the arc of the story.

Within my realm Fagan Inspection is part of every review stage (and we have plenty during a development). My process builds these in and using the process properly leaves an audit trail that provides good evidence when building product certification and safety cases.

As I have indicated before I adopt a "Component Oriented Approach" which means that we are complete with the delivery of each individual component to the final assembly. The simplest components can take as little as one hour to inspect, perform functional testing and run a broad spectrum limitations test (in which we try and destroy the component by beyond limits operation).


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