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There are methods and tools today also that can assist in assessing the technical debt, for example SQALE for PLC, and for understanding and re-engineering old PLC code, for example PLC Checker or PLC converter. Or for other types of real-time software too.

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On 2016-03-04 09:22 , David MENTRE wrote:
> Le 04/03/2016 01:38, Steve Tockey a écrit :
>> Of course code has a finite lifetime. But I think it's worth asking,
>> "what drives that lifetime to be what it is?" I see two drivers. One
>> is product
>> (functional) obsolescence,... The other is deterioration.
> In fact, David L. Parnas expressed the very same idea in 1994: ;-)
> "Software Aging"

It's way older than that. In the 1980's already there was a significant market for SW reengineering.

The market leader was Bachman Information Systems, founded in 1983, which became Cayenne in 1996 and then Sterling Software in 1998. They reverse-engineered SW that could no longer effectively be maintained, I understand specialising in financial-system and insurance SW. Charlie Bachman had won the Turing Award already in 1973. I worked intermittently with a smaller Palo Alto company, Reasoning Systems, now defunct, which had a software system called REFINE which could take apart and functionally restructure source code in arbitrary programming languages and dialects. Reasoning used it, as also the SW-reengineering part of Anderson Consulting, now Accenture.

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